Amanda Verhagen has more drive, enthusiasm and dedication to filmmaking than you can shake a stick at. Not that she knows how those traits became corporeal, or where you got the stick from. 

She's a sucker for a good comedy, supporting women in film and just great storytelling. So naturally, as the self proclaimed 'next Tina Fey', her first feature was a crisis-of-faith drama about a dying four year old.

Currently Amanda is an award-winning indie film Producer and industrious Production Coordinator /Supervisor /Manager. Basically anything where she can do what she loves most, pair the best person with the project and then make the project happen. 

She's worked in production on TV series such as Warner Brothers THE FLASH and CBCs ARCTIC AIR and recently reprised her role as a Production Supervisor for MGM Studios on the film EVERYTHING EVERYTHING starring Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games) and Nick Robinson (Jurassic World). 

Amanda is most excited about whichever project she is currently pitching to you, but lately that seems to be the comedy feature PARTY FAVOUR, an homage to the 90s party movie written by Megan Russell which was accepted as 1 of 5 projects in The Whistler Film Festival 2017 Project Lab for producers.

'How much better your life is with more Amanda in it.' aka. Look I found a pie chart function.